Derma Purifying Anti-Oxidising Night Moisturiser -50ml


$230.00 HK

Our Derma Treatment Purifying Anti-Oxidising Night Moisturiser, contains a special blend of Coconut Oil which is supercharged in anti-oxidants and fatty acids while moisturising, revitalizing, and boosting collagen into your skin. In using these ingredients, we created a naturally soft skin cream that deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. It improves the skin's tone and texture. It will leave you with a natural radiance. We made your night moisturizer light and super easy to apply with none of that stickiness.

The Derma Treatments Pure Anti-Oxidising Night Moisturiser aims to achieve pure and soft skin, repairing daily environmental damage throughout the night. Formulated with repairing and nourishing actives, this moisturiser will leave skin feeling thoroughly renewed and moisturised by morning.



Coconut Oil - For its great oil moisturising abilities. 

Glycerin – A great humectant, provides moisturising qualities to the skin.

Emollient - Has conditioning and blend skin softening properties.

Vitamin E - aims to moisturise and counteract skin damage throughout the night when the skin is most receptive to repair.

Neroli Oil - aims to improve skin health and evens out skin tone.

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